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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

Check out our Multimedia Audio Course: a 21 chapter-long all-round view about Sound engineering.
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
When music becomes business. Not because of the industry, but because of Billy Corgan
Recording studio of the day
RKS Recording
A 75' x 45' studio in Pontiac, Michigan, USA, offering live recording, fully-equipped cutting room, live echo chamber, EMT echo plate with Martech upgrade, mixing, mastering, and more.
The term MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a communication protocol which was invented in 1983 and which allows to drive musical equipment by means of a controlling device.
MIDI protocol specifications
As we have already mentioned, a protocol defines all communication aspects between two MIDI systems both in terms of hardware (sockets, cables, connectors, transmission modes) and software (MIDI commands).
Multimedia Audio Course
Description of the Multimedia Audio Course
Full description of all the features of the Multimedia Audio Course
Learning sound technique
The Multimedia Audio Course is also a textbook (available only in italian) entitled Learning sound technique (original title: Imparare la tecnica del suono)

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Multimedia Audio Course
Audiosonica, proudly annouces the new release of the Multimedia Audio Course in a brand new eBook format.
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