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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

Check out our Multimedia Audio Course: a 21 chapter-long all-round view about Sound engineering.
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Sound, as we know by now, is a cyclic variation of atmospheric pressure. A microphone will pick this variation up and reproduce it in the form of an electric signal.
Let's now take a step back to the sampled voltage we mentioned earlier. What we have is an electric signal which varies continuously; let's suppose we collect a voltage-sample which, in order for it to be converted into digital, must necessarily be approximated into an integer number seeing that we can't use infinite amounts of binary digits to represent it.
Multimedia Audio Course
Learning sound technique
The Multimedia Audio Course is also a textbook (available only in italian) entitled Learning sound technique (original title: Imparare la tecnica del suono)
Demo of the Multimedia Audio Course
Download the demo version of the Multimedia Audio Course

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Multimedia Audio Course
Audiosonica, proudly annouces the new release of the Multimedia Audio Course in a brand new eBook format.
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