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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

Check out our Multimedia Audio Course: a 21 chapter-long all-round view about Sound engineering.
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
When music becomes business. Not because of the industry, but because of Billy Corgan
Recording studio of the day
Soul Lab
Located in Marbella, Spain. Details on equipment (which includes ProTools HD3 system), services, and contact information.
Piezoelectric microphones
This kind of microphone makes the most of the characteristic of certain elements of ceramics, in that they are able to develop an electric field if put through compression. When the sound wave reaches the material, the latter compresses it and expands it according to its frequency-content.
Ribbon Microphones
In this case a thin ribbon made of conducting material is hung within a magnetic field, and therefore when it is caused to vibrate by a sound wave, it brings about a current-flow and reproduces the same phenomenon present in electrodynamic microphones.
Multimedia Audio Course
Learning sound technique
The Multimedia Audio Course is also a textbook (available only in italian) entitled Learning sound technique (original title: Imparare la tecnica del suono)
Demo of the Multimedia Audio Course
Download the demo version of the Multimedia Audio Course

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Multimedia Audio Course
Audiosonica, proudly annouces the new release of the Multimedia Audio Course in a brand new eBook format.
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