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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

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The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
When music becomes business. Not because of the industry, but because of Billy Corgan
Recording studio of the day
Miroslav Pilon
Recording studio and post production services. Located in Lyon, France.
Bias Current
High-frequencies contain less energy and therefore have a harder task in polarizing the particles on the magnetizing ribbon. This takes place when the particles are initially immobile, and therefore require, in order to overcome their inertia, a greater quantity of energy than the amount that would be necessary if they were already moving.
Set-up of an analogue recorder
In this section we'll be looking at the various operations which periodically take place in order to keep a multi-track recorder at its best.
Multimedia Audio Course
Covers of the Multimedia Audio Course
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Schools using the Multimedia Audio Course
The Multimedia Audio Course is used in many schools, universities and music academies. Check out the updated list!

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Multimedia Audio Course
Audiosonica, proudly annouces the new release of the Multimedia Audio Course in a brand new eBook format.
posted on 28-09-2011
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