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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

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Recording studio of the day
Cue Recording
Offers state of the art 24 and 48-track analog and digital recording, digital mastering, duplication, within five studio complex located in Virginia, USA.
Amplification: DI Box
There are audio signal generators that have very high internal impedance values, and are therefore difficult to manage by the means we have mentioned up until now and with common amplifiers. A high internal impedance in fact means loss of voltage on the transferred signal; very rarely will an amplifying stage have an input impedance which equals at least 10 times the one inside the signal generator.
In this chapter we shall illustrate the main acoustic characteristics of closed environments. The contributing factors to the quality of the acoustics in an environment are numerous, and, once again, knowledge and experience are essential tools when it comes to projecting an acoustic space.
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Multimedia Audio Course
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