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Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to sound engineering.

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Recording studio of the day
Jose Mari Gonzalez
Audio and video in Manila, Philippines. Information about services, e-mail contact, and guest listing
Types of loudspeakers: subwoofer, woofer, midrange, tweeter
The dimension of the membrane strongly conditions the functioning of the loudspeaker. The greater the dimension of the membrane and its mass, the smaller its resonance-frequency, which in turn implies that large membranes are ideal for reproducing low frequencies, whereas they are quite useless for the reproduction of high frequencies.
Piezoelectric Loudspeakers
This kind of loudspeaker makes the most of the proprieties of certain materials to vibrate when they are traversed by an electric current. The vibration-frequency is correlated to the frequency of the applied current and in this way the sound transported by the electric signal is reproduced.
Multimedia Audio Course
Description of the Multimedia Audio Course
Full description of all the features of the Multimedia Audio Course
Learning sound technique
The Multimedia Audio Course is also a textbook (available only in italian) entitled Learning sound technique (original title: Imparare la tecnica del suono)

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Multimedia Audio Course
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