Sound diffusion systems - Impedance of a loudspeaker

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In its pertaining section, we saw the exact meaning of impedance of an electric component [Impedance ] . Loudspeakers also, as they are essentially circuits, have an impedance which varies depending on the frequency of the applied signal. Generally we would consider the impedance of an acoustic diffuser to be the combination of impedances of each single loudspeaker and their circuits. Typical values for the impedance of diffusors are: 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm. Naturally these are indicative values, in that, as already mentioned, impedance varies depending on frequency. The following figure shows the typical rate of the impedance of a loudspeaker with a nominal impedance value[11 ] of 8 Ohm:

Sound diffusion systems - Typical rate of the impedance of a loudspeaker

Typical rate of the impedance of a loudspeaker

[11 ] The nominal impedance of a loudspeaker or a diffuser is the impedance value corresponding to 1 KHz, and it is the reference for the definition of the impedance value.


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