Microphones and miking techniques - Capacitor microphones with double diaphragm

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This kind of microphone is highly versatile. It allows us to modify each diaphfragm's characteristics and to obtain, through the combination of the two, polar patterns with the characteristics we are seeking. At its base, we have two diaphragms facing each other, and a circuit that drives them which is controlled by an specially devised switch. Let's have a look at its possible configurations:

  • Omnidirectional

    Microphones and miking techniques - Omnidirectional configuration

    Omnidirectional configuration

    The diaphragms each have the same cardioid polar pattern and the same polarity.

  • Figure of 8

    Microphones and miking techniques - Figure of 8 configuration

    Figure of 8 configuration

    In this case the diaphragms have the same polar pattern but polarity is inverted. This guarantees that the sounds coming from the lateral directions get cancelled since they generate two out-of-phase signals.

  • Cardioid

    Microphones and miking techniques - Cardioid configuration

    Cardioid configuration

    In this case the two cardioid diaphragms are put out of phase and the signal coming from one of the two is attenuated. Depending on the degree of the attenuation we can generate all the diaphragm's different shades, from cardioid to hypercardioid.


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