Microphones and miking techniques - Special microphones: shotgun and parabolic

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10.12.1. Shotgun

This microphone consists in a diaphragm placed at the end of a slitted tube.

Microphones and miking techniques - Shotgun microphone

Shotgun microphone

The peculiarity of this kind of microphone is that any sound not coming from the pointing direction enters through the slits and, due to the tube's length, it undergoes countless reflections which pretty much nullify each other. The sounds coming from the pointing direction on the other hand, pass through the tube without any obstacles. This microphone is used to pick up a specific sound source within the space, even at great distances.

10.12.2. Parabolic - Reflector microphone

Microphones and miking techniques - Reflector microphone

Reflector microphone

In this case the parabolic disc, made of highly reflecting material, focuses the incident sounds into a single point and consequently amplifies them.


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