Microphones and miking techniques - Stereo miking techniques: near coincident microphones

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These techniques require two microphones positioned at 16-17 cm apart, which represents the distance between the human ears. In this case, as well as amplitude differences, phase differences between the two signals are also recorded. This on the one hand improves the performance of the stereo-effect, but on the other hand considerably threatens mono-compatibility.

10.15.1. ORTF technique - Organization Radio Television Francaise

This French technique consists in positioning two condenser microphones with a cardioid polar pattern, at a distance of 17 cm from one another and at a 110 degree angle.

Microphones and miking techniques - ORTF positioning

ORTF positioning

If the sound source to be recorded is broad the microphones can be placed 20 cm away at a 90 degree angle.

10.15.2. NOS Technique

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (in english: Dutch Radiotelevision Foundation)

Dutch technique. Two cardioid microphones are used, each positioned 30 cm apart and at a 90 degree angle.

10.15.3. OSS Technique - Optimum Stereo Sound

Developed in Switzerland. Two omnidirectional microphones are used, positioned 17 cm apart and at a 90 degree angle. Between the two microphones a 28 cm Jacklin Disc is placed, which simulates the presence of a human head.


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