Digital Audio

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The arrival of digital technology has radically revolutionized the audio world. Laborious techniques created by the imagination of sound engineering pioneers have been totally taken over by the disarming practicality given by bit manipulation. At the beginning, due to its limited processing power, digital technology could only handle few operations, but which nonetheless proved crucial for the evolution of music. Rap, funky, hip-hop and black music in general, and at the same time techno-music, house, and trance are the brain-children of samplers, evolving with them and guiding their technological evolution. Once it took off, digital technology never stopped and keeps growing. As calculation speed increased as a result of the assembling of high-performance micro-processors, the real-time manipulation of digital audio signals became possible. The first digital effects were created: reverbs, echoes, and even distorters. The latest stage of this evolution, which is far from over, has come about thanks to the exponential growth of processing power, and of the speed and amount of mass memory. All this has led to the introduction of Hard Disc Recording, namely, the digital simulation of the entire music production process. Today's systems allow us to carry out the recording, mixing and mastering processes entirely in the digital domain and at a reasonably low price.


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