Perception of sound: Binaural fusion

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This is the brain's ability to blend into one two similar signals that reach the ears; the new signal is, so to say, the brain's creation which doesn't exist in reality. Take a xylophone for example. Say we play a line and record it on one track and then play the same melody but with some melodic variations, and record it onto another track. When we play back the two recorded melodies sending one through the left channel and the other through the right, what results is a third melodic line derived from the fusion of the previous two but which in fact doesn't exist. This is one of the secrets of the magic of music: the single instruments play single melodies and if we pay attention we can isolate them and listen to them individually, even if all the instruments are playing simultaneously. But if we take all this to an abstract level we can say that in that precise moment we perceive the non-existent: the combination of all the sounds creates a harmony. And it is in that very moment that music is born!


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