Analogue Recorders - Characteristic quantities of magnetism

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Next we will take a look at the listed physical quantities which describe the various aspects connected to magnetism, in order to better understand the ensuing sections.

Magnetic field

magnetic field's theories are outside this course's aims, so for us it will suffice to say that a magnetic field is a field of forces measured in Weber (Wb).


this is the action applied by a magnetic field on the magnetic ribbon's particles. The particles align themselves following the direction of the applied magnetic field.


this is the amount of magnetization left over on the ribbon after a magnetic field has been applied to it. The remnance rate in relation to variations in magnetic field is described in a diagram called the hysteresis diagram [Hysteresis cycle ] .

Ribbon saturation

this occurs when the magnetic field applied the ribbon has polarized practically all the magnetic particles that are present, and therefore the remnance can't increase any further.


the quantity of magnetic field needed to delete a saturated magnetic ribbon.


the amount of magnetic field that can be stored on one ribbon. It is measured in nWb/m (nanoWebers per metre).


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