NUCT - International School of Cinema and Television

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NUCT - International School of Cinema and Television
The NUCT International School of Cinema and Television of Rome, based in CinecittÓ, adopts the book Learning sound technique as the reference textbook for the Sound engineering course.

In the first year, the course will offer the technical-scientific knowledge which will be the foundation to a concious approach to the work. This will also allow our students to easily follow the future technological evolution of our field.

Meanwhile we will dive deeply in the audio domain discovering lingos, professional profiles, devices, working methodologies. Tehoretical lectures will be held along with practical lectures so as put into practice the theoretical priciples.

During the second year we will spot with the students their specifical interests toward which to aim a professional carreer keeping always in mind a widespread view of this work.

We will get deeply into technical topics, such as: digital audio, microphones, mixer, recorders, radio-microphones. In this phase the amount of practical lectures will grow quite considerably. Also, the students will get the chance to attend a stage to start off their professional experience.