M÷llenkramer Training

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M÷llenkramer Training
Bas M÷llenkramer uses and recommends the AudioSonica Multimedia Audio Course for primary teaching in various fields of Audio.

Bas M÷llenkramer of M÷llenkramer Training, the Netherlands, has thirty years of audio and acoustics experience in the Dutch and English markets. He provides courses on Audio, Acoustics and Noise and Vibration Measurements to local and state government institutions, consultancy, police forces, education, power utilities and manufacturing industry as well as performing technical quality audits and pre-audits of accredited laboratories on behalf of National Accreditation Councils.

Bas (1954) lives in Soesterberg, in the geographical centre of the Netherlands and also plays the bass guitar and sings in 60's rock band The B-Sides. He collects rare vinyl and loves impressionist art.

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