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An ADSR (attack-decay-sustain-release) envelope is a component of many synthesizers, samplers, and other electronic musical instruments.
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    Sound Envelope
    What we mean with this word is the amplitude-flow of a sound from the moment it is generated to when it fades out.
    This is undoubtedly the most important processor. The compressor works on the dynamic range Dynamic Range of the input signal and reduces its amplitude when it goes beyond a certain limit: this reduction is expressed by a ratio, for example 3:1.
    Uses of the compressor
    The compressor is an indispensable processor in sound engineering and is used in many different ways. In this section we will describe its most common and codified uses, bearing in mind the possibility of a more "personal" approach and experimentation, so long as this takes place with method and criteria , and not on the basis or hope that anyhow something cool will come out of it...!
    This is a circuit which can allow input signals to pass through to the output only if its amplitude is greater than the set threshold point.
    Its functions are similar to those of gates, with the difference that instead of having an attenuation interval expressed in dB we have an expansion-ratio.

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