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Sine wave The sine wave or sinusoid is a function that occurs often in mathematics, music, physics, signal processing, audition, electrical engineering, and many other fields.
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    Propagation of sound through the air
    Sound is diffused in the air through multiple collisions between particles. Let's take a loudspeaker as our sound source.
    Properties of Sound
    In the previous paragraph we saw how the flow of atmospheric pressure in relation to the active loudspeaker can be visualized as a waveform. Waveforms can actually be very complicated, but fortunately every single one of them, and I mean every single one, can be considered as an extension of a very simple wave form: the sinusoid
    Combination of pure sinusoids
    Sinusoids are the simplest imaginable wave form, and as such is also the least interesting from a sound aesthetics perspective. Let us then make things more interesting for ourselves and complicate them a little. We have said how any wave form is conducible to a combination (sum) of sinusoids with an adequate amplitude and phase
    Wave forms
    Elementar waveforms, description, characteristics, sounds
    This effect combines the original signal with a delayed version of the latter, where the delay time has been modulated (this means that it varies constantly and the rate of its variations is defined by a function, for example, a sinusoid).

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