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The Multimedia Audio Course is a Sound engineering course adopted by many audio schools and available in different formats: Online, CD-Rom, eBook.

The online version is completely free and under Creative Commons license. The other versions can be purchased online.

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  • posted on 13-12-2010 04:33
    Hi there,anyone there is familiar with professional sound?I am pretty interested in these things.add me by skype:pro-amplifiers.thanks.
  • posted on 01-11-2010 22:46
    Hello, I am really interested in translating your book to my native language: spanish. What do you think ? regards
  • posted on 08-04-2010 01:14
    Am in Ghana really in help to become a Sound Engineer. Pls help me out to discover this hidden talent in me.
  • posted on 19-01-2010 12:16
    What was so bad about the mastering article? Haven't had the chance to read it but I like the audio course!!
  • posted on 18-01-2010 08:26
    The article about mastering has been removed since you "mb", were not the first to complain about it. That's the good thing about Internet, the community helps to filter out bad content.
  • posted on 18-01-2010 03:17
    Please remove the interview about mastering.No ME would ever state what this guy here is saying.
  • posted on 09-12-2009 02:43
    Salut tous le monde, s.v.p je peux savoir ou se trouve ce DVD,je suis un OPS technicien spécialisé du son et cet formation il m'intéresse beaucoup
  • posted on 20-09-2009 14:41
    i just stated to use this of my brother told me about this site when i told i want to study sound engneering....lets see how this site works for me.....
  • posted on 16-06-2009 22:41
    from somalia

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