Effects and Signal Processors - Exciter

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This effect introduces light saturations to the input signal. As already mentioned, a saturation generates new harmonics depending on the frequency content of the input signal. Therefore, the exciter effect can generate high frequencies out of signals which lack them, as is sometimes the case with singers which, though singing in tune, just don't "bite" enough. This effect colours these voices with certain characteristics, such as brightness and definition. Sometimes an exciter will be used on an entire mix to balance out its frequency content. Another one of its uses is in television and radio: sometimes adverts are sent through the exciter effect in order to brighten sound. Even the numbest spectator passively watching TV is resuscitated when an advert is so "excited".

The following is a sound to which an Exciter effect has been applied.

Sound with Exciter effect  [Track 35]

Effects and signal processors - Sound with Exciter effect [Track 35]


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