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These are supportive buses that have various functions which we will take a detailed look at when we will illustrate the recording and mixing phases. For the moment it will be enough for us to remember that each channel's signal can be routed towards one of the groups at our disposal or towards the mix bus. On the other hand, the signal on the monitor channel can be routed towards the monitor bus. The following diagram summarizes this situation:

The recording studio - Usage of buses

Usage of buses

The diagram shows that on the channel in question, the 1-2 routing matrix button has been pressed. The effect of this action is that the channel's signal is sent to groups 1 and 2. If the panpot of the channel is then turned anti-clock wise the signal is sent only to group 1, whereas if the panpot of the channel is turned clock wise the signal is sent only to group 2.

In the groups section, we find the faders that control the overall level for each group. For each fader we have a panoramic control that allows us to choose the proportion of the signal we wish to assign to the master bus Left and Right.


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