Working in a recording studio

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In this section we'll be having a look at the processes that take place in a recording studio, in particular the recording and mixing phases, as well as briefly touching upon the mastering phase. We will describe standard situations as our reference points, which in practice can be more or less complex. To begin with, let's suppose that we have the following pieces of equipment at our disposal:

  • Analogue mixer with 48:24:2[14 ]

  • 2 inch analogue 24-track recorder

  • DAT, as support for the final master

[14 ] With the general notation XX:YY:ZZ we identify the main characteristics of a studio mixer. XX indicates the number of input channels. YY indicates the number of available groups. ZZ indicates the master outputs. The notations of our reference mixer indicate that it has 48 input channels, 24 groups, and 2 master outputs (Left and Right). Cheaper studio mixers are often of the 24:8:2 kind. Some mixers have a quadraphonic master output and are thus identified with the notation XX:YY:4.


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