Fundamentals of electronics

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In this section we shall explore the fundamental notions of electronics that will help us to gain a better understanding of all the subjects treated in this course. Practically every aspect of sound engineering, regarding sound pressure being converted to an electric signal, involves electronics laws and principles. A good comprehension of these concepts will allow us to work with more awareness, thus obtaining better results. We will investigate the nature of electronics and its usage in simple circuits, whose characteristics are related to those present in equipment commonly used in sound engineering.

  • posted on 24-05-2010 21:39
    Hi Toby, never mind for being harsh, what matters here is... audio ;-)
    This course covers a wide range of topics in the most simplified form, and is possible that some mistake come out...
    I don't take it down since it is helping a lot of people getting into audio and also because most of the feedback I get from professionals is positive.
    I'm aware that with so many informations, something can go wrong.
    So, apart from the translation errors, I would be glad to get your feedback about the mistakes you found.
  • posted on 24-05-2010 16:06
    Lads, I hate to be harsh.. On cross-checking the information on this course, I find that a lot of it is either mistranslated or just plain wrong. I think you have a good basic course layout but you haven't done your homework. Get it right or take it down, Toby

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