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CDROM Multimedia Audio Course Enjoying this Course?
Download the full version!
Here you can download the demo Version of the Multimedia Audio Course consisting in a single file in zip archive format (7.3MB).

Click here to start the download

Below the main characteristics of the demo version are listed:
  • Full navigation interface: the same as the full version
  • Multimedia version, featuring the first two integral chapters providing:
    • all the related sounds (in mp3 format instead of cd-quality wav format available in the full version)
    • natural size pictures as well as their magnified version
    • full wikipedia support: every section features the pertaining links at Wikipedia to the related topics
  • Printable version: document in pdf format featuring the first two integral chapters (thus providing natural size pictures)
  • CDROM Covers: preview of all the covers
Click here to start the download

  • posted on 22-09-2009 04:58
    Yes, thank you - that is probably it! I will try again, and be back in touch if I have more trouble!! J
  • posted on 21-09-2009 23:29
    Hi J. The download of the demo works fine. Maybe you have a slow connection. There is a 2 minutes timeout, after which the connection braks. Please try again or send me a mail request and I'll send you the file. Thanks
  • posted on 21-09-2009 05:04
    I have tried to download the demo several times. Each time it gets as far as around 6MB and then it fails. I hope you can help!! J

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