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image Welcome to Audiosonica, the website dedicated to Sound Engineering.

Here you will first of all find the Audio Multimedia Course: a 21 chapter-long all-round view in one single hypertext that is easy to navigate thanks to the great number of cross-linked topics. The text is equipped with numerous schemes, images, sounds and summarizing tables. Every section offers the possibility to insert comments so as to stimulate discussion on the topics in question.

The News section informs on news that we think might be interesting for our readers, whilst the Reviews section is a melting pot of stories, photos, emotions, technical info and what have you with regards to concerts, festivals, cd's, dvd's, and all that which contributes to express our passion. By the way, don't miss out on Rhox's sharp-tongued reviews!

To ease topic research, TAGS are made available, which allows texts scattered all over the entire site to be easily found thanks to a series of interconnections.

For example, to take a look at a list of Sound Technique Courses that use the Audio Multimedia Course, click here, in particular Music Academies and Universities.

All the updatable sections are equipped with feed RSS to easily keep an eye on them with Feed Aggregator.

Enjoy! :-)

  • posted on 02-12-2013 09:31
    The Directory was not compliant with google ranking rules, so it has been disabled.
  • posted on 29-09-2013 09:07
    Hello, i would like to know how to add my website to your directory ? ( sorry i couldn't find the submission process, nor a contact page ! )
  • posted on 30-01-2013 19:25
    Nice Job, we like your website.

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