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Marco Sacco
Marco Sacco graduated in telecommunications engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis related to image compression algorithms[1].

In 2001 he got a diploma in Sound Engineering at SAE - School of Audio Engineering of London.

Subsequently he worked with various music amplification companies and recording studios and had written some technical articles for the magazine Sound & Lite, specialized in the audio field.

In 2003 he wrote an Audio Engineering Course, called Multimedia Audio Course, and put it on the Internet launching also the site, entirely dedicated to Sound engineering.

The Multimedia Audio Course is adopted by several universities and music academies.

In 2005 he has published the book Learning sound technique (only in italian).

In 2009, he translated the Multimedia Audio Course in french and english.

He is currently teaching sound engineering at NUCT School of cinema, based in CinecittÓ, Rome.

In 2010, he founded with other firms a school for electronic music producers.

From July 2013 he teaches Sound Engineering at CESMA - Centro Europeo per gli Studi in Musica e Acustica (European Center for Studies in Music and Acoustics) based in Lugano (CH).

The Audiosonica Crew!

  • Marco Sacco: Concept, project and realization
  • Marco Sacco: Author of the Audio Multimedia Course
  • Marco Sacco: Programming of the Audio Multimedia Course

  • PayPal Support
  • Fabrizio Chiruzzi: CD-ROM cover and PDF printable version cover
  • Gilberto Martinelli: Editing of the book "Learning Sound Technique"
  • Luisa Mortola: Audiosonica Logo
  • Marco Pesce: Graphic tables of the Audio Multimedia Course and the layout of the Audiosonica 2.0 web-site
  • Alain Mo´se Arbib: Photographer -
  • Franco Russo aka Franko - binaural recordings for the 21th chapter
  • Filippo Taliaco: programming of the Audiosonica 2.0 web-site

  • Dolly Arbib aka Ghezala: French translation
  • Daniel Zappi: English Translation
  • Endy Daniyanto: Indonesian Translation

[1]Title of the thesis:
Realization of a software for the compression of ecographic images using neural networks and wavelets and comparison of performances.

  • posted on 28-08-2010 23:20
    Hi Matias, I encourage you to do the translation! :-) This is also why I put the Multimedia Audio Course under Creative Commons License! Check out also the Indonesian translation: done in the same spirit :-) By the way, I'm in Spain right now, exactly here: :-D
  • posted on 26-08-2010 22:31
    Hi! I would be glad if you allow me to start the spanish translation. thank you

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