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University of Catania - Department of Languages and Foreign Literatures
The University of Catania - Department of Languages and Foreign Literatures, organizes a workshop lectured by the teacher Giuseppe Mirabella and dedicated to the Audio Mixing.

The Workshop employs the Multimedia Audio Course as reference didactic textbook
Here follows a description of the Workshop.

The digital revolution and the wide-spread diffusion of audio editors resulted in an ever increasing possibilites to create multitrack recordings and mixings without using excessively expensive devices.
In fact, during the last years, quite good music prductions have risen within private houses (rightfully equipped). Furthermore, thanks to the digital audio, many people had the chance to try and experiment the art of mixing.

But, how do we use these softwares? The market offers a wide choice, and most of them have similar features. Actually, the deep knowledge of the music production and mixing needs years of practice and passion. And many sound engineers stands that this is an ever evolving art. So, one could think that this context involves random paths and knowledges. Nonetheless, there are some basic criteria to follow, and sharing with each other our mixing techniques, could result in an interesting experience.

The main aim of this workshop is to analyse the basic features of a virtual mixing console (mixer, processors, effects). At the end, the students will be asked for an original mixed production.

In order to access to the Workshop, students must undergo to an entrance test.



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