Antonine University in Lebanon

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Antonine University in Lebanon
Baabda (LEBANON) - The University adopts the french version of the Multimedia Audio Course as reference textbook for the Sound engineering course.

The course is held by the lecturer Georges Abou El Ouyoun and is organised as follows:
  • Electronic music (3 credits = 39 hours): short introduction to sound, the softwares Sony Sound Forge 10 and Sony Acid 7
  • Sound engineering 1 (2 credits = 26 hours)
  • Sound engineering 2 (3 credits = 39 hours): Cubase 4
Georges Abou El Ouyoun has got a master in IT, multimedia and networks.
He has been teaching for 8 years various topis relating to graphic design.
Last year started to teach digital audio. He is head officer of the multimedia department in a company.
Since 2 years he is working with various studios (recording, mixing, MIDI creations).



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