╔cole Franšaise d'Audiovisuel

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╔cole Franšaise d'Audiovisuel
The ╔FA (╔cole Franšaise d'Audiovisuel), /French School for Audio Video, based in Paris, Nice and Los Angeles uses and recommends the Multimedia Audio Course as a reference textbook for the Live Audio Engineer Course

(original title of the course: PETITE ET MOYENNE SONORISATION. 200 A 2000 SPECTATEURS).

The course is aimed to grow audio engineers able to design, set in place and configure audio amplification live systems: F.O.H engineer, stage engineer, wirings, mixers, outboards, microphones etc

  • Intro
    • Sound properties and propagation
    • Perception of sound
    • Electronics basics
    • Cables and connectors
  • Audio diffusion
    • Technical specs
    • Diffusors
    • Audio diffusion principles
  • Facilities
    • Analogic mixer
    • Digital mixer
    • Effects and dynamic processors
  • Working as an audio engineer
    • Setup
    • Routing
    • Listenings
    • Sends and returns
    • F.O.H and stage mixing
    • Managing a live event
    • Recording live
  • Practice
    • Studio recordings
    • Studio mixing of live tracks



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