The magazine Sound&Lite reviews the book Learning sound technique

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Sound & Lite Magazine The book “Learning Sound Technique” was mentioned in the magazine “Sound&Lite”, a professional audio magazine.

Those (little) satisfactions in life...

The text goes as follows:

Here’s another volume to add to the many textbooks and manuals for aspiring sound technicians. Marco Sacco, graduated in Engineering and Telecommunications, graduated and specialized in Sound Engineering in England , has enclosed all his experience in this manual, offering a useful instrument to get a clear all-round view of the journey that sound makes, from its electronic and acoustic form, to its recording and diffusion. In order to do this, Sacco has dealt with the topics without taking anything for granted and supplying point by point the basis for the following topic. On the whole it seems to us that he has done a very good job indeed and those interested in the world of sound for work reasons or even just for personal interest, should definetely invest 29 euros on this book.
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