University of Catania - Music Informatics Course

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University of Catania- Music Informatics Course
The University of Catania - Mathematics and Informatics Department as part of its didactic proposal for its Music Informatics course, taught by Prof. Massimiliano Salfi, uses the book Learning Sound Technique as one of its reference textbooks.
The courses aim is to analyse various applications of informatics in the musical field. From assisted or automatic composition to sound synthesis, from the treatment of concrete signals to the elaboration and execution of music scores, or from the inspection of sound to musicology analysis. Some of the study-topics shall be elaborated in a series of seminars with the participation and contribution of musicians and professionals in this field who use the illustrated techniques on a daily basis.

During the course practical elaboration sessions shall take place, with computer simulations and exercises regarding the study material learnt in the theory lessons.



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