Freddie Mercury Tribute - The DVD

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Distribution: EMI 2002
Type: DVD-9
Colour: PAL
Video: Anamorphic 16:9
Audio: PCM Stereo
Number of discs: 2
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Price: 23 €
The 20th of April 1992 is an important date in music history. At Wembley Stadium there took place a concert in honour of Freddie Mercury, the great front-man of the music band Queen, deceased on the 24th of November of the previous year.

The other band-members organized the event, inviting an immense number of artists to take part, for free, in this great occasion to sing their last goodbye to the legendary singer. The concert also had another aim, which was to gather funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust for the battle against AIDS, as well as to divulge information regarding the risks of the disease.

The result is a memorable event, full of touching moments. One of the most famous extracts from this concert is undoubtedly "Somebody to Love" sung by George Michael, in formidable shape both vocally and presence-wise. Also worth mentioning is the final duet of "Bohemian Rhapsody" sung by Elton John and Axl Rose walking centre-stage... the sacred and the profane uniting for a brief but intense moment. Our own home-bred Zucchero also takes part in the concert, and certainly plays his part well, even though the song given to him to perform is not among the best in Queen's repertoire and is quite unknown...

The concert comes to an end with "We are the Champions" sung by Liza Minelli who in the final chorus calls all the participating artists back onstage for one last bow to a breath-taking audience. Naturally the event had its low-points as well as its highs. Negative figures in this event were for example Elton John, whose vocal extension was completely inadequate for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, whose hyperbolic vocal prerequisites were a little too demanding for the singer.

Gary Charone, singer of the band Extreme proved to be a rather poor presence onstage, wagging and wiggling away and assuming embarrassing and distasteful 80's front-man poses. Apart from this, there is a great unity onstage that is clear for all to see. Conclusion: a true concert, touching, unique. What else could one want?
The quality is more than acceptable considering the fact that this concert’s master was recorded live and therefore lacked the possibility to work and manipulate the material. Excellent directing (David Mallet), that skilfully balances out stage details and views on the audience (an example? 70,000 people with their hands clapping in the air to the beat of "Radio Ga Ga")
Sound-quality is perhaps this product’s only down-side. The sound is acceptable, but no more than that. We would expect far more considering the great possibilities of DVD systems. However, in this case the justification is that at the time this concert took place nobody could have predicted that it would have ended up on DVD, and that being a live-broadcasted single event, the recording of the master was only one aspect of a mega-event that was already difficult enough to organize.
Good. Other than the 2 DVD’s present in the box there is a 24-page booklet with photos and various information.
Mark: 7/10
Rehearse: Video footage of the rehearsals of three songs, one of which being "Somebody to Love". Truly unmissable!
Documentary: More than 50 minutes of back-stage footage etc. documentary material.
Freddie: the six videos that were shown on the concert mega-screens between one stage-change and the next.
Photos:official photos and fansFacts: information and web-sites
Mark: 8/10
The menus are well thought-out and the navigation graphics are pleasant but sober at the same time. A good job.
Mark: 7/10
Song List
Tie your mother down Queen + Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Slash (Guns&Roses)
I want it all Queen + Roger Daltrey (Who)
Las palabras de amor Queen + Zucchero
Hammer to fall Queen + Gary Cherone (Extreme)
Stone Cold Crazy Queen + Metallica
Crazy little thing called love Queen + Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
Too much love will kill you Brian May
Radio Ga-Ga Paul Young
Who wants to live forever Queen + Seal
I want to break free Queen + Lisa Stansfield
Under Pressure Queen + David Bowie and Annie Lennox
All the young dudes Queen + David Bowie
Heroes Queen + David Bowie
'39 Queen + George Michael
These are the days of our lifes Queen + George Michael and Lisa Stansfield
Somebody to love Queen + George Michael
Bohemian rhapsody Queen + Elthon John and Axl Rose (Guns&Roses)
The show must go on Queen + Elthon John
We will rock you Queen + Axl Rose
We are the champions Queen + Liza Minnelli and all the cast


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