Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero Remixed

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Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero Remixed
True to themselves as always, after the release of their last EP "Year Zero" came the release of the remixed version of the album : code name "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D", in other words "Year Zero Remixed".

To remix the tracks Reznor brings old mentors, recent admirers and collaborators into the studio. The result is undoubtedly above average: Year Zero is stripped of its robotic identity, revealing absolute gems of electronic engineering. The best example is Meet Your Master, which under the deconstructionist hand of The Faint is freed of its industrial sounds and turns into the most up-beat and positive track on this album. An electro-funky re-interpretation for many a chemical sibling to envy!

Ladytron worked on the track The Beginning of the End, one of the rockiest tracks on Year Zero, "synthesizing" it and adding their whispering voices, as well as the cherry on the topping- the melody to Closer (perhaps NIN most famous track) to end the tune with a bow.

Capital G transforms distorted rock-funk into chavvy dance-disco, whilst Alessandro Cortini, former keyboard-player in Reznor's last live band and now with his own setup Moodwheelmood, transforms the artificial beats in The Great Destroyer, softening them round the edges. The result is a hypnotic acoustic rendition of the tune.

The decadent piano in Another Version of Truth is substituted by a no-less decadent string section perfomed by Kronos Quartet, whilst Hyperpower's hardcore industrial metal in Gunshot by Computer, becomes the base track for one of Saul Williams' rap political assemblies (video).

Another splendid addition to the album is performed for us by the happy-go-lucky duo Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert (two big chunks out of New Order), remixing two tracks in the album: the sharp and metallic sounds of the original pieces liquify: both songs seem almost to melt, reincarnating themselves- in Zero Sum into beautiful trip-hop, and in God Given into underwater Techno Rap. Phenomenal.

Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D is the creation of an eclectic artist whose work is turned even more eclectic through the countless artistic collaborations involved in its remixing. Pity for a few of the tracks that have remained more or less as they were (The Warning, Vessel) and the terribly over-dreamy version of Me, I'm Not, because on the whole this is a truly marvellous album, whose remixed versions sometimes excell (yes, I said it!) the original tracks in beauty.

A must have, even if you're not a NIN fan... because this album will turn you into one!
by Rhox


Video: Gunshots By Computer- Saul Williams (Hyperpower Remix)


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